Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Cruise day 6: Home again

Friday, April 18



We came home today. I'm all over the map about it.

I'm sad that our vacation is over. I miss the environment where everything was taken care of and I just had to ask. I'm glad to see our cats again. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. I'm starting to gear up for two madhouse days at work preparing for another trip. I'm relieved that the travel is over with. I'm incredibly grateful to echoweaver for a huge favor.

You see, when we got to Albuquerque I found that my keys had gone missing. willowisp and I both gave every piece of our luggage a thorough going-over. No luck. Fortunately, I had my phone with me. Even more fortunately, I have some incredibly awesome friends here. On no notice at all echoweaver dropped what she was doing, ran by our house, retrieved the spare set of keys, and brought them to the airport. I owe her big-time. We might even be talking about the sort of favor that requires cookies.

One of the nicest things about coming home was stepping off the plane into cool, dry, clear air. Florida is very humid. So are the Bahamas. So is the ocean. I think it's got something to do with all the water. We had excellent weather this past week but after five years living in the high desert I've become accustomed to low humidity. Another was the burrito smothered in green chile that I had for dinner. Yes, I'm going native -- I like green chile.

Anyway, I'm back home now. I enjoyed my first cruise very much. I'll definitely go on another one someday. It may be a different line. It may be a different destination. It will definitely be a while: like Disney World, a cruise seems like the sort of thing that could lose its shine if done too often.

It was an outstanding vacation.

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