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Return of the Human Chipmunk

It's been 4 days and a few hours since my teeth were taken out. Life since then has been interesting.

For starters, I'm dead tired and not sleeping all that well. This is fairly predictable. Also, my mouth aches awfully and is swollen so that it's difficult to open beyond a smidge. Some people would no doubt consider this a feature. I don't. I've been subsisting on lime jello, milkshakes, the occasional bowl of ice cream, and some cheese soup that willowisp was kind enough to make way out of season.

The most interesting part has been the drug reactions. I appear to be sensitive to at least one of the things they gave me. At first we thought it was the penicillin -- I've got symptoms that are much akin to a mild allergic reaction. This was a "page the doctor on call" incident. That was Sunday afternoon. This morning the surgeon called to check on me and asked me to come in for a checkup this afternoon. He had a different hypothesis for what's going on: he thinks it isn't the penicillin, but instead a histamine response to the narcotic (hydrocodone) that he gave me. Further experimentation has yielded very, very uncomfortable results that support that theory.

There's not much to do at the moment except to keep taking lots of ibuprofen (which is actually doing a very good job) combined with double doses of Benadryl to help damp down the histamines. I'm apparently at a stage where I should start noticing real improvement with each passing day. I've told work that I'm going to stay home for the rest of the week. As long as I'm taking that much Benadryl I'm pretty much incapable of doing my job. Even if I'm taking a smaller amount, I'm not going to drive with that stuff in my system, and I'm perfectly capable of doing my work from home. I feel a little bit guilty about that because there's a fair chance that I'll be OK to go in on Friday... but even I recognize that as really reaching. I think I'll be better off telling them to go jump in a lake and staying home where I'm comfortable.

I also found out today that they did conscious sedation on me rather than general anaesthesia. I don't remember a thing. I wonder how that works?

Two more hours until the next round of pills. I'll be more than ready for bed at that point. This isn't really all that bad. It's pretty unpleasant, sure, but the unpleasantness comes in known and expected ways. I'm not setting any speed records for healing but neither am I behind where I should be.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.
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