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Return of the Human Chipmunk

The good news is that my mouth is healing just fine. It's still a little swollen and aches a fair amount but it's quite manageable.

The bad news is that I have what looks like an allergy rash over my entire body. Red, puffy in places, tender, itchy and altogether evil. My best guess is that that's exactly what it is -- that my reaction to the hydrocodone earlier in the week left me hypersensitive to allergens that my body would normally deal with as a matter of course. I could be wrong.

The current plan is to muddle through the weekend as best I can, stay dosed up on Benadryl, and then bother the doctor about it at my followup appointment on Tuesday. If it gets any worse I'll page whomever is on call this weekend. I haven't been this uncomfortable since I had chicken pox lo-these-many-moons-ago.

I know some of you reading this have fairly serious allergy problems. What do you do when something like this strikes?

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