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Drug Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Chipmunk - Plans for a Greek Temple — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Drug Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Chipmunk [May. 25th, 2008|11:19 am]
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I did not sleep well last night. One's entire body itching will do that. Luckily, the surgeon who worked on me happens to be the doctor on call today, so when I called I didn't have to spend too much time explaining.

His hypothesis is that this is just coincidence. The hydrocodone caused so much histamine to be dumped into my body that I'm reacting to stuff that I normally wouldn't even notice. Apparently ibuprofen can interact with this somehow, so I'm off that, too. I'll substitute tylenol as a painkiller, benadryl for the rash, and hydrocortisone for topical matters. I also have the standard instructions to watch out for anaphylactic shock, which I knew about already, but the reminder never hurts.

So today I'm going to be doped to the gills on benadryl. I've found an HD broadcast of the Indy 500. It looks really nice. Maybe Danica Patrick will win this year. Maybe Marco Andretti. Maybe somebody else entirely.

I remember the mini-controversry over the words that would start the race when the first woman drove in the field. That seems so silly now. "Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!" works just fine.

[User Picture]From: tyee
2008-05-25 08:27 pm (UTC)
If you are still not better tuesday, you might want to consider predisolone or one of the other oral steroids to get the reaction under control. No need to prolong the misery :(

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