Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Kitten antics

Heidi has been equal parts affection, random bounciness, and mischief this week. Tonight she pulled one of those stunts that makes up for all kinds of trouble.

Earlier in the week, Cat ordered some new clothes to replace some that are well and truly worn out. They arrived earlier today. The shipping bag was sitting on top of one of the pillows on the couch... and like any kitten, Heidi decided that an empty bag must be a toy meant expressly for her. She did the usual nosing-around thing, then stuck her head in to investigate, then her head and front paws... what fun! That wasn't the half of it, though. Kittens are required by law to pounce on things. Heidi backed up out of the bag, hunkered down, dug her back paws in for leverage... and dashed forward into the bag to pounce on the mouse that just must be hiding way back in the back.

Here's where the laws of physics take over. The bag is made of smooth plastic. It's sitting on top of a fabric pillow. Friction doesn't enter the picture. Heidi hits the end of the ba, then kitten and bag go sliding down the pillow, off the couch, onto the floor. It takes her about a second and a half to realize what's happened, then she goes dashing off across the floor. Once she's achieved minimum safe distance she sits down abruptly and starts washing her shoulder. If you've ever had cats, you've seen this maneuver: a blatant attempt to recover some modicum of dignity by pretending that the preceding events (whatever they were) were entirely intentional. It usually doesn't work. It never works when the kitty's owners are laughing so hard they can hardly breathe.

Kittens are no end of amusement.

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