Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Month in progress (will it ever end?)

So far we're having the September from Hell. However, things are
beginning to look up a little bit. Tonight we decided to try
someplace new for dinner -- in particular, Texas Land and Cattle
Company -- about which we'd heard reasonably good things. Not
fantastic, but good. We were still wary of our experience with Great
American Land and Cattle Company, previously described here. I
am pleased to report that we are no longer too concerned about that
place. While Texas L&CC may not be our One True Steak Place, it
will certainly do as a default. The food was pretty good. What
really impressed us, though, was one thing the server did: when he
gave willowisp her steak, he asked if she would please cut into
the middle to make sure it was done how she had asked. It took him
maybe ten seconds to ask and another ten seconds to follow
through. It's amazing how much difference one can make in that amount
of time: where the woman at Great American L&CC conveyed the
impression that we were bothering her, the problems were our fault,
and she really didn't have time to look after something we should have
averted in the first place, the guy tonight held an attitude more like
"My job is to take care of you two. I want to make sure your dinner
came out how you wanted." We were both very pleased. Dinner was
good, too.

In other news: here is the summary of losses and expenses incurred
that makes this a thoroughly expensive September so far. First, our
car got rear-ended and was a total loss. Second, a glass of water got
spilled on a keyboard, trackball, and network switch. Third, we've
got about a week's worth of rental car to pay off. Fourth, we now
have a new car: fortunately, we have four years to knock that one out,
which won't be a problem. In fact we intend to do it more quickly
than that. Fifth, the hard drive in my laptop is failing. The new
part is coming under warranty, but the time it has already taken me to
diagnose the failure, convince Dell technical support, and back
everything up, plus the time it will take me to rebuild the system
from scratch, is quite expensive. Sixth, our TV is apparently feeding
back a lot of current into the line, which knocks out our cable modem
every few hours. This might be the beginnings of a hardware failure
(short to ground, anyone?). It might also be related to being at the
end of a long chain of splitters. The TV is definitely a low-priority
item, but honestly, I'm getting sick of seeing expensive things fail.

On the good side, we no longer have the big ugly clumsy Buick rental.
Instead, there is a blue Honda Accord sitting in our garage. It took
a fair amount of doing to locate this car: there is exactly one of
them in this particular color and configuration in all of New Mexico,
Colorado, Arizona, and most of Texas. Once located, it took some
doing to find the best deal. This we did. Details forthcoming. I
like this car a lot.

I am absolutely exhausted. It's 10 'til 9. I'm going to do something
terribly decadent like go to bed an hour early.

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