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SIGGRAPH season continues

I've attempted to post this once already. Perhaps it got eaten. This may get better results.

SIGGRAPH rush continues. The deadline proper is Wednesday: in order to be accepted for review, my paper has to arrive in Colorado Springs by 5PM. That means that I can either send it out Tuesday via FedEx overnight, or I can go with the Wednesday morning 6AM courier that the department arranges for all the last-minute folks. I would much prefer to get the regular Tuesday drop, because that means I can go home and enjoy a quiet evening while everyone else scrambles around madly. It also means I'll be done with the video equipment and the Tektronix printer long before the rush.

I am in the reasonably happy position of not needing to write any more code at all. I'm sitting in the video suite as I type this, setting up the scan converter to record the raw footage for my video, and once I put the tape in it's largely a matter of sitting at my PC for fifteen minutes and running various pre-recorded paths. After that I need to finish the script for the video, write the rest of the Powerpoint slides, and then spend a day wrestling with Adobe Premiere to turn it all into finished footage that I can burn onto CD. After that... an hour or three of work to put together a couple other bits and pieces, and then I'm finished.

This seems like it won't be much trouble to finish on time. I sure hope so. It would be a nice change from all the other deadlines I've had in the last few years.

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