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Home safe

We're home safe from Seattle. For those of you just joining us, I spent the past week at IEEE Visualization and the weekend running around Seattle with willowisp. We had a wonderful time. Highlights: meeting sylke, hanging around with Lars and Yee Man and torquemada and 9thmoon, spending Saturday meandering around Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square (and spending rather more money than we meant to on really good stuff), getting really good cheesecake, and getting pounced upon by both cats upon walking in the door tonight.

I don't know what it is about travel that so wipes me out, but whenever I spend more than about 90 minutes on airplanes in a given day I wind up totally flat. It's worse going west than it is going east, but right now it's 10 after 9PM and I feel completely and totally exhausted. This after getting a reasonably good night's sleep yesterday and spending the vast majority of today either driving or sitting down someplace boring.

Tomorrow morning I go back to work and find out whether or not I get to move to an office closer to the rest of my research group. On that note I'm off to bed.

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