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Ashes, ashes

The air here is very hazy. If I were in North Carolina I would expect 90-100% humidity. I'm seeing halos around street lights. When willowisp and I were out house-hunting this afternoon on the west side, we looked east and couldn't see the mountains at all. If I stared for a minute or two I could make out a faint, ghostly outline... but that's because I knew what I was looking for.

This is apparently all due to ashes and smoke in the air. There's a forest fire a couple hundred miles south of here that might be doing it, or perhaps the California fires are contributing... I don't know. All I know is that my eyes are scratchy, my throat feels dry no matter how much I drink, and the air filter has been going full blast in our bedroom to try to clean some of the dust out before we go to sleep.

I won't even go into the sinus headache this has given me. Bleah.

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