Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

House update

Not a lot has happened with our house in the last two weeks. The wiring folks have been through - we have electrical wire, phone, coax, and cat6 in the walls - but that's all. It seems like precious little for that length of time.

I'll hear from them on Monday, but right now it seems our builder still believes that we'll close at the end of April. Personally I think this is fairly unlikely. Under most circumstances, closing is about six weeks away once they put up the drywall. Under most circumstances, that would mean that they've got this coming week to get the insulation and the drywall in place. However, 'most circumstances' don't account for the radiant heat piping that still needs to be laid on the second floor and the concrete to be poured over it. Personally I'm guessing that we'll close on about May 15, plus or minus a week.

More pictures to come tomorrow morning. I'm tired. I'll post the URL once they're sorted.

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