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House update

Yesterday afternoon we went to visit Susan, our sales manager. The visit was memorable for quite a few reasons, not least of which was that there was a very cute, very skittish miniature Doberman in her office. Apparently she'd been hiding underneath one of the foundations. Four big burly construction guys found her and got her out after much furrowing of brows. She was obviously Someone's Dog: she was wearing a collar, her coat was clean, she was reasonably comfortable with people. Very very skittish about coming near willowisp or me, but I can understand that: any way you slice it she was having a Bad Doggy Day. I hope her family can be found. I'm not too worried, though: apparently there are already a few offers to adopt her if it comes to that.

Meanwhile, back to house business. Susan wrote up the addendum to our contract that says that if our close date slips past the end of our mortgage lock, Centex Construction has to pay the extension fee. I'm glad to get this executed. While the sum involved (somewhere between $500 and $600) is a handful of peanuts compared to the size of the whole mortgage, well, that's $500 to $600, which is quite a lot of money. Our build mangler was convinced (strongarmed) into moving our close date back to May 7, which is not my department review, but merely the dry run for same: it is much more reasonable for me to take off in midafternoon when it's just my own manager than when it's my great-grandboss and all the managers underneath him watching. Apparently the latest estimate is that the house will actually be completed by April 30. If the standard schedule holds without any further delay, there's a chance this will happen: drywall goes up typically 6 weeks before close, and, well, drywall's supposed to be up right now. However, what with the radiant heat on the second floor still needing to go in and the general slipperiness of our schedule to date, I have my doubts.

Further updates, as usual, as events warrant. Pictures this weekend.

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