Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

House update

Two things of note happened today. First, I got the voice mail Susan (sales manager) left for me yesterday when I was out of the office. She has convinced our build mangler to move the close date up to May 7. She said, moreover, that she and Pam set it for the latest possible window during the day (3pm) so that Pam could use the entire day for a workday. This is in contrast to something else Pam has said within the last few days, which is that the house should be finished by April 30 at the latest. I no longer know what to believe about the schedule except that delays are more likely and that preventing them is not my problem.

Beyond that, our house now has a lock on the front door. This is standard once they put the drywall up, since at this point a kid with a screwdriver can cause a great deal of expensive damage in about 15 minutes. Normal procedure is to go to the sales office to get a key: however, since our neighborhood is closing, the sales office isn't there any longer (someone lives in that house now). So. Backup procedure is to go to the next nearest Centex neighborhood about three miles away, where we were told they would have the construction keys.

We did so. They were utterly clueless. Their suggestion: "Um... we don't know anything about those keys. I don't think we have any. Could you maybe come back tomorrow?"

willowisp and I were not amused. Susan was not amused and promised to make a phone call: she says she gave the keys to the staff there and told them to keep careful track of them. If they haven't found the keys by 10am tomorrow when I go back, I will be very much not amused, probably to the tune of "Fine. I will stand here while you find them."

Judging from the mess in the front yard they've made a lot of progress in the last few days. The whole house has been wrapped and chicken-wired in preparation for stucco. The cement blocks for our courtyard wall have arrived. The trench for the base of that wall has been dug. There is also a large pile of scraps of sheetrock. I'm looking forward to getting inside and seeing what it looks like now.

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