Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Concrete poured

willowisp and I went to visit the house this afternoon, as is our habit. We didn't get pictures because there were guys in there working and we didn't want to be in the way, but there's one excellent bit of progress to report: the concrete has been poured (and set) over the radiant heat piping on the second floor. The crew in there today was sealing over the various cracks and joins and rough corners in the drywall. There was a failed-inspection tag attached to the copper pipe where the boiler will go, but apparently it wasn't severe: the problem was listed as a "rough nut".

The good news is that now that the radiant heat is more or less finished, our house is completely routine. They've accomplished a lot this week. Hopefully this will continue and we can actually close on time.

Meanwhile, I'm playing paperwork tag with the mortgage company. It seems like every time I send them something, they want more documentation of some small aspect of it. When I send them that, they want something else. I have to wonder where it will end. Will they want proof that I don't dye my hair?

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