January 21st, 2003


SIGGRAPH madness continues

It's almost 2AM and I'm sitting in the lab. The computer next to me is in the middle of a long MPEG encode of what will hopefully be the final version of my video. So far it's taken me about 16 hours of work to produce 303 seconds of video and audio, which is actually about par for the course.

The to-do list stands as follows. Finish encoding the video. Write one or two more paragraphs in the paper to clarify a couple points. Give the paper a final proofreading. Print six copies. Write a cover letter to accompany it. Optionally (but much hoped for), assemble some supplementary material for the CD that will contain the video. Burn six copies of that CD. Box everything up and send it to Colorado.

The good news is that all of this will be easily accomplished tomorrow. If I can get in around lunchtime, that gives me six solid hours to work and still make the 7:30 FedEx deadline at Kinko's. If I miss that one, it's still no worry, since there's a courier coming to Sitterson Hall sometime around 5AM and I can just hand the box off to go in that batch. I will indeed keep my promise of no overnight shifts this year.

The bad news is that it's 2AM and I'm sitting in the lab. The air conditioning is still on downstairs, but it's mostly off on this floor, and the air in here hardly moves at all. I'm hot, uncomfortable, and right now my fondest wish is to be home in my own cozy bed with Thena curled up on my legs.

Oh well. By the standards set in years past I'm getting off extraordinarily easy. I think I'm going to wait the 5 minutes until this MPEG encode finishes, make sure the results are reasonable, copy the file to two or three safe places, and then GO HOME.
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