January 22nd, 2003


A return to (nominal) sanity

Sometime around 3:45AM this morning I sealed up the box containing my paper, the videos, the CDs, and the kitchen sink. It was picked up from Sitterson Hall at 6:02AM and delivered to SIGGRAPH in Colorado Springs earlier this afternoon. It's out of my hands now. The next thing I'll hear about it (apart from an acknowledgement that it's been accepted for review) will be in late February or early March when I'll have a chance to read and respond to reviews. This is a new thing for SIGGRAPH: up until this year, you submit the paper, the reviewers read it and comment on it, the committee meets, and then after they've made your decisions you get to see what the reviewers wrote. This can be a problem when the reviewers are wrong. Last year, for example, one of my reviewers went way off the deep end of negativity. Some of what he wrote bordered on insult, which is totally inappropriate for academic discourse. All of it indicated that he didn't have much in the way of experience with the matters addressed in the paper, and some of the comments were outright incorrect.

Anyway. Me? Bitter?

It's out of my hands now. I have the rest of this week to relax. I have enough hours saved up for the trip to England (Kirsti, I need that information on the B&B!) and perhaps a few more besides. I can start sleeping regular hours again. Time to relax.
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