May 23rd, 2003


Segway encounter

I was downstairs on my way to pick up dinner when I saw a guy zooming around the parking lot on a Segway. This was the first one I'd ever seen in person, so I stopped to watch for a couple minutes... and a guy leaning against the back of a nearby truck said "Want a ride?" What a silly question!

Segways are really cool. It took all of twenty seconds to learn to balance on it. After that, it's all about the center of gravity. Lean forward and it goes faster. Lean backward and it slows down, stops, and eventually goes into reverse. There's a little lever on the left right under your hand that you use to turn. I was surprised at how stable it is: once I learned to stop fighting myself on balance, I didn't even wobble. I would love to commute to and from school (just over 2 miles) on one of these things. If only I had the spare $4000...

Anyway. Segways are very cool. This has been a public service announcement.