June 4th, 2003


No thanks to Airborne...

This afternoon there was a knock at the door. It was UPS delivering a couple of glass tumblers Cat and I had ordered at the Smithsonian Craft Show back in April. While I was signing for them, I noticed that Airborne Express had left a rather flat package sitting on our doormat. They hadn't bothered to knock. I know this because the package wasn't there when I got home from lunch and I had been there continuously since then. This package is rather important, because it contains my offer letter and associated other paperwork. It would have been difficult to get it replaced in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time had someone walked off with it.

Foo on Airborne. They've done this sort of thing regularly, with some rather expensive packages, and it's sheer luck that we've never had anything disappear.

However, the good news is that I officially have a job now. We'll be moving to New Mexico sometime in July. There appears to be a minimum four-week lead time on getting the movers to come pick up our stuff, so we'll have to jump on the arrangements this week, but that can be arranged.

The waiting is finally over. It's about time.

Just in time, too

Not three hours after the offer letter arrives, I get mail from Dinesh (my boss) explaining that his funding is running out and he may not be able to support his students or postdocs past June, July at the latest. He wanted to know if I had any backup plans.

"Actually," I told him, "yes, I do."

Nice timing, Sandia. I would have preferred earlier, but this will do just fine.