April 9th, 2004


House update: 28 days until close, tile being laid

willowisp and I have a standard lunch routine for every other Friday when I'm off from work. We go over to our house, take pictures, then come back and have lunch at Flying Star. Today was no exception, but with the small addition that Pam, our build manager, met us at our house for an informal walkthrough.

There have been two big developments since the last post. First, our front yard has been cleaned up (no more immense pile of trash!) and graded somewhat in preparation for the driveway and sidewalk. Second, they've begun to lay tile. The driveway will probably be poured on Tuesday or Wednesday. Tile will be finished tomorrow.

Meanwhile, there's plenty of other work going on. The shower and countertop in the master bath have been installed and the bathtub is finally uncovered. The kitchen cabinets have been moved back into place. Caps have been put on the upstairs manifold for the radiant heat. The boiler for the radiant heat is installed. Last and not least, the water heater is downstairs in the garage waiting to be hooked up.

We've had mostly cloudy weather all day. It's been a rainy week in Albuquerque, with around a quarter of the average-year total rainfall in the last ten days. Today it's gone back and forth between sun, clouds, and rain. While we were at the house I was lucky enough to catch a couple of nice views of the sky.

Next week promises to be busy. Our kitchen countertop is scheduled for late in the week. Our driveway and sidewalk should be poured. Electrical outlets should go in, as should HVAC. The carpet should be laid. We probably won't get the exterior color applied until the week after next: it doesn't go on until the driveway and sidewalk are finished. Pam says that a couple of the items on her schedule have slipped a day or two but still seems confident that she can bring it all in on time. I certainly hope so.
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