April 13th, 2004


House update: 24 days to close, tile complete

Today was another eventful day. Over the weekend they finished installing the tile and grout. (Pictures: stairway, nook, kitchen, utility room, master bath, entryway) Yesterday or today they began putting up the brackets for the wire shelving. More of the marble surround in the master bath is up now, and a big box is in the appropriate place in the master closet for all of our wiring. Sometime over the weekend they poured the driveway and sidewalk.

This afternoon I got a phone call from willowisp as she was at the house. A tech from Qwest came out to hook up the phone wiring and, well, there was a problem. It appears that the electricians recently went to the city and got the code changed, so where once there was a big metal pipe leading up to our electrical meter, now there's a plastic one. This is fine from the standpoint of protecting the electrical cables therein. It is not fine from the standpoint of acting as a ground. Comcast, Qwest, the alarm company, basically everyone who wants to bring wires into our house needs a ground... and suddenly they didn't have one. This was not only going to hold up the wiring on our houses, but has already done so on several others in the neighborhood. One of our neighbors has been moved in for somewhere over a week and can't get telephone service until the electricians come out to fix this.


The solution is to have the electricians bring a ground wire out from the box so that everyone else can bond to it. At least that's what the Qwest guy said. Pam is on vacation this week, so I called Susan and asked her to get hold of Pam's boss. I think this is pretty urgent: it's a problem on several houses in our neighborhood, and I suspect in some of Centex's other sites as well.