April 23rd, 2004


House update: landscaping and touch-up

Three things have happened since the last update. First, the door hardware has been installed, including the real doorknob on the front door. That was earlier in the week. When willowisp and I went to look earlier today, there were a few guys inside doing touch-up on the walls, scraping, painting over and sealing. The hole in the study where the plumbers went in, for example, has been nicely sealed over. Tomorrow or Monday they'll sand it smooth then add the texture and a layer of paint. I'm concerned that the many screws used to hold that square back in place will break through the seal as the house settles, but there's really not much to do about that right now except wait and see.

Third, and most interesting, they were working on the landscaping today. The first thing we saw was a big pile of gravel. Second, they've put several plants in the ground: a couple trees, a bush or two, and some grasses. When we arrived all the plants were in and they were working on the drip hoses to keep the plants watered. I don't know how far they got before we left. It's conceivable that they finished the job, put down the water blanket, and spread the gravel over the top.

I don't have pictures right this minute. There are one or two on the camera, not downloaded yet, but the majority are going to come tomorrow or Sunday when we go back. The crews were busy enough that there was no good way to get pictures without getting in their way.

Fourteen days until closing.
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