May 6th, 2004


House update: almost there

We had our orientation this afternoon. This was a fairly straightforward affair: a thorough walkthrough and inspection where Pam pointed out things like cutoffs for water and gas, where the circuit breakers for GFI outlets are, what the different faceplates on the walls can be used for, how to take care of the tile, countertop, glass... utterly mundane and totally necessary details of upkeep.

There are still some details to be completed before we close tomorrow afternoon. The louvers have not been put onto the walls to hide the manifolds for the radiant heat. The city has not done its final inspection to issue a certificate of occupancy. The garage floor still needs to be sprayed down and something done about the big oil stain. I don't think it'll be possible to remove it entirely -- it's a lot of oil -- but maybe they can make some progress. The cover for the boiler for the radiant heat is missing -- a new one will need to be ordered -- but I'm okay waiting for that.

The network wiring, predictably, hasn't been touched. It's possible that I have voicemail in my office from Prewire but I don't know -- I left late in the morning and have spent the time since then working from home. Pam offered to try to get them on the phone, but I decided not to. I'm tired of wasting my time dealing with them. It's four RJ-45s and four faceplates. I am totally capable of doing that myself, probably in less time than it would take to argue prewire into coming out and doing it. I'm also not at all confident that they would get it right.

I wrote up a summary of the saga we've had with them over the last six months. It was not flattering. Throughout the whole thing they've been nearly impossible to get in touch with. They've made a couple of serious errors in the installation that I had to catch myself. The people I've talked to have not known some pretty important details about their own products. I have not been at all pleased with their performance. Pam got a copy of the summary to give to Rick, her boss, and the two of them will decide what to do about it. I get the impression I'm not the only one to have had trouble with them. I'll be curious to see what happens, if anything.

Meanwhile... I now have a cashier's check for a mindboggling amount of money. Closing is in 1456 minutes. I can hardly wait.

House update: Prewire weighs in

I came home just after 7 to find that Sharon, allegedly Prewire's owner, had left voice mail at around 5:45. "Hello, I have So-and-so out at the job site at [address]. If you get this within the next 10 to 15 minutes, please give me a call..."

Hi, Sharon, I'm sorry I missed your call, but considering that we've been trying to get you to contact me for a WEEK now I don't feel especially guilty.

I'll call her tomorrow and see what she says.
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House update: a few more pictures

I took a few more pictures today before Pam arrived for our orientation. In no particular order...

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I took a few more pictures today before Pam arrived for our orientation. In no particular order...

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The <a href="">wire shelving</a> has been installed in the closet in the powder room downstairs. The roof over the front porch now has <a href="">tiles</a> and a gutter. Our gates have been hung, one at the <a href="">side</a> of the house and one at the <a href="">entrance to the courtyard</a>. The other side of the house has a wall rather than an entrance to the backyard. Last and not least, I took what will probably be the <a href="">very last time-lapse photo</a> (or nearly so) now that the exterior of the house is complete.

1132 minutes until closing. Any guesses as to whether I'll be able to sleep tonight?