May 2nd, 2006


Wanted: One miracle

The news about my uncle Steve is very bad. About two weeks ago he had emergency surgery to fix a perforated colon. Now he's in hospital, colon not working at all, with about 3-4 liters of fluid being drained from his abdominal cavity each day. I'm not that kind of doctor but those with whom I have consulted concur that this is Very Bad. Noone knows if he'll pull through this. All we can do is hope and pray.

I dread feeling my cell phone buzz (I'm at a conference) or seeing my new mail flag pop up. I feel cast adrift while I'm here far from home. I'll be back in Albuquerque on Wednesday evening: that sounds like a long time right now.

If anyone has a spare miracle, would you please send it to Georgia? Prayers, good vibes, teddy-bear squadrons, all of it's appreciated.
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