Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Drywall being sanded

When I posted yesterday I referred to the seams in the drywall being plastered over. The procedure seemed to be to slather the stuff on until they were well nigh certain of a good seal: neatness and a smooth surface, while clearly issues to consider, were clearly secondary issues to consider.

Today I went back and found the same crew in the house... on a Saturday morning. I approve. One guy was going through and re-sealing things that needed it due to cracks, having been missed, whatever. The others were going around with sanding blocks and smoothing out the rough edges on the seals. The few I inspected looked really good.

The concrete floor on the second floor has been poured and is dry. The blocks in the doorways stick up about a centimeter past the surface of the concrete. I expect that this will either be sanded down, covered by the carpet pad, or both. There are also vents sticking up that will be the returns for the air handler.

Meanwhile, the structured wiring tangle has been moved. The drywall where it used to be has been patched. The bundle is now coming out a hole in the other side of the wall where it belongs.

There has been a lot of progress made this week. If things continue at this pace, our walls should at the very least be textured and perhaps even painted (at least partially) by next weekend. The pictures I took today are here.

Also, yesterday afternoon willowisp took the camera out onto the back porch and took advantage of the sunlight to take pictures of the paperweights she's acquired over the last eight months or so. Most of them came out beautifully. The pictures are here: blue pinwheel, iridescent leaves, Andromeda meteor, balloons, heart with white rose, green snail, and oblong galaxy. There are pictures of lots of others in Cat's
paperweights gallery.

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