Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

House update: Cabinets installed

31 days until closing

Yesterday and today the cabinets were put into place. We took pictures of the kitchen sink area, the rest of the kitchen, the random spare cabinets in the kitchen, the utility room, and the cabinets in the upstairs bathroom. Finally, our number plate has been mounted on the front of the house.

We also noticed that the trench running across the kitchen floor has been filled in with concrete... very, very recently. So recently that it was still soft to the touch. No problem. It will have solidified by morning.

There are two other minor issues outstanding. First, our front door doesn't close right now: between a slight misalignment and the wood expanding in the humidity, it doesn't fit the frame quite right. This will be straightforward to fix. Second, we found a cigarette butt in one of the upstairs bedrooms and some ash on the floor of another. This comes after we had asked Pam repeatedly to make sure noone smokes in the house after insulation goes up, and after Pam talked about it with all of her crews. Tomorrow there will probably be more talking-to going on, since she knows exactly who was in the house over the last two days.

Over the rest of this week we expect that they'll work on our driveway and sidewalk, move the kitchen cabinet back into position, hopefully get another coat of paint up, and (perhaps) begin laying tile. Things are moving pretty quickly now. Our next visit will be Friday lunchtime. Look for pictures by Friday dinner.
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