Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

House update: still putting out that fire

Yesterday afternoon willowisp and I took off on zero notice to go pick out a countertop surface to replace the one that was out of stock. This was not a convenient thing to do, nor was it good for my work schedule.

Today I got a call from Pam, who was immediately apologizing right and left. Uh-oh, I thought, what now?

She had two things to tell me. First, her countertop guy made some phone calls and managed to find a couple sheets of the material we had originally chosen. Had he done some more research, we could have had our afternoon back. Second, it turns out that she misspoke yesterday. She said: "If you don't find a surface you're happy with in the Centex sales room, go up to American and take a look. They have a much broader selection. In this instance you could look at different manufacturers and find something you like." She meant: "...In this instance you could work with A. (an employee) who can help you pick something in the same price range."

So. We went by the instructions Pam gave us yesterday. When she called this morning, she told me that we had managed to pick the most expensive kind, and she was hoping we would "stay in the same ballpark price-wise". She was trying very hard to come up with a way to tell me I had to go back and pick another one while still making it sound like her primary concern was for me to be happy with the house. I told her that I understood her dilemma, but I wasn't going to apologize for the choice I made, since I was acting on what instructions she had given me. If she needed me to stick to a certain price range, well, that would have been an excellent piece of information to have before I went traipsing across town.

Anyway. I had an errand to run in that part of town anyway, so I told her I would drop by and take a look at the colors again. A. would be expecting me, she said, and he would know what all the prices were. I went by and took a look at my choices and wound up choosing the material we had opted for originally, the one that was supposedly unavailable.

I accept that some amount of this is par for the course in building a house. However, I feel like Pam burned through several brownie points with this incident, considering that the whole thing could have been avoided with a few more phone calls.

Tomorrow we're due to meet her at the house at noon for a progress update. We'll see what happens. They're running a bit behind, she says. I'll post an update tomorrow evening.

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