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House update: 21 days to close, paint, outlets, lights worked on

As per our usual Friday afternoon routine, yesterday willowisp and I went over to see what was happening with the house. The crews were busy this week. We're three weeks away from closing (20 days, 6 hours, 45 minutes as I write this), so at this point I would expect that.

The most visible progress is the exterior color coat. Finally, our house is the color it's supposed to be. It's slightly paler than the house next door, which is theoretically the same color: his has a little bit more yellow in the mix. I'm not objecting, it's just the kind of thing I notice when I stare at it for a while. Inside, they've finished installing light switches and thermostats through the house. Almost all of the faceplates for the electrical, phone, network, and cable outlets are now in place, although everything but the electrical is just a blank plate at the moment. The cabinet for our central wiring hub has finally arrived and is installed in our closet. Speaking of closets, there is wire shelving in the closets in the upstairs bedrooms. Strips of carpet tacks were being glued down yesterday when we visited. We were interested to discover that they have to be glued down, not nailed: since we have radiant heat pipes in the floor, driving nails into the concrete is strictly verboten.

Meanwhile, the light fixtures have gone in. There are two in the stairwell (off, on), a chandelier in the dining room (off, on), a ceiling fan in the great room, a dome in the master bedroom, a lantern outside above our address plate, and several others in different places. The light bulbs in a few of the ones we tried are fairly wimpy. Once we've moved we can find out which ones need to be replaced and which are fine as they are.

More work has been done on the bathrooms. The mirrors, sinks, and lights are in place now in both the upstairs and master baths. Lights and a mirror are installed in the powder room downstairs but it's missing the rest of its furnishings. The shower doors have been put up in the master bath.

There were two mishaps this week. I think there must be an ongoing quota for such things. Thankfully, both of them were fairly minor. First, someone shipped the wrong color tile for the backsplash in our kitchen. We chose a nice, even gray with hints of red in it. That's what's on all the floors. The backsplash tile turned out to be very red with hints of gray. The men installing it noticed the difference after they had cemented four or five of them to the kitchen wall. Fortunately the cement had not yet set, so it was no big deal to take them back down. One of them spent a while on his cell phone right after that explaining what the problem is. My Spanish isn't quite good enough anymore to follow more than pieces of the conversation. I want to get my fluency back soonish. Hopefully they can get a few boxes of the right color tile early in the week and then spend half a day installing it. It shouldn't take too long.

The second mishap was discovered last week. The hose outlet in our courtyard was placed way too far over next to the wall; so close, in fact, that it wouldn't have been possible to screw in a hose. Pam got the plumbers to come move it before the color coat went on. This they did. However, they had to go in through the drywall and insulation inside in order to move things around, and the place where they did so is kind of a mess. This shouldn't be too difficult to fix. A couple trowels of the sealing compound they used when the drywall first went up and bingo, Bob's my uncle.

(Well, in point of fact Bob is my uncle, but that's beside the point.)

Three more pictures and a link before I close. First, the water heater in the garage is now hooked up to its hoses. Second, sometimes it's the little things that catch our attention. willowisp and I were both inordinately pleased to see this in the master bathroom. Third, I got a picture of our front porch. I'm still waiting for the tile to go in on the slanted roof above it but I really like how it looks.

This coming week we expect that most of the remaining details will be completed. Carpet will go in. The tile backsplash ought to be finished. Plumbing fixtures will probably go in. Door hardware might happen or might not. Gratings should be installed over the manifolds for the radiant heat. (It's not a question of whether they'll be installed, just a matter of when.) The yard will probably be cleaned up and graded in preparation for landscaping. The blank faceplates need to be replaced with jacks for phone, network and cable TV. We're at the point now where all of this can proceed in parallel, so the limiting factor will be how quickly Pam can schedule the various contractors into the house.

This is exciting. The addition of the exterior color coat is a huge step toward making it look like Our House.

Oh! One last thing. After last week's run-around-town adventure, we found out that the solid-surface countertop has been installed in the kitchen. It was covered with cardboard yesterday when we went to keep it from being scratched. I expect that we'll drop by the house on Sunday afternoon to get pictures without anyone else there. At that point I'll take a couple pieces of the cardboard off for a few minutes to get pictures of how it looks.

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