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I may not be posting much until January 21st or so. This is SIGGRAPH season, which means I'm spending just about every waking minute working on a paper. I'm trying to condense 2 chapters of my dissertation into a 10-page paper, which by the way also has to include a summary of previous work, implementation and results, a discussion of computational complexity and limitations... all the usual trappings.

Here's the problem. The material I'm trying to condense takes up somewhere around 90 pages in a double-spaced font with generous margins. Tighten the margins and change the font and it's down to perhaps 30 pages. Cut out a lot of the really detailed analysis and it's down to 20 pages. We still have to lose a lot of material, and the difficult part is to keep enough that the reviewers will still get the idea.

We still have a lot of work to do.

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