Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

House update: landscaping almost finished

The landscaping in the front is almost finished. All of the plants are in place. Gravel has been put down to the left of the driveway and in the courtyard. The water mat has been laid over most of the rest of the front yard and some larger rocks are there. Gravel still needs to be spread over the front.

Inside, touch-up continues. Most of the tiles for the backsplash are in place. The grout hasn't been started yet. Places on the walls that were sealed after being dented have been sanded smooth and textured. I'm particularly pleased with the part in the study that was such a mess last week.

I'm leaving for a conference in a little over three hours, so I don't have much time to link them all in, but I've uploaded a couple dozen pictures that I took today and Friday. I would appreciate help identifying the plants they've put down. I'm not terribly good at that part yet.

Twelve days until closing.

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