Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

House update: homeowner's inspection

Yesterday afternoon we walked through the house with our build manager to identify all the stuff that still needs to be fixed before we close. Here's the list, more or less:

  • Lots of nicks and chips and dents in the drywall. These need to be filled in, sanded down, and painted.
  • The wall outside the upstairs bathroom was never sanded before painting. There are lots of bumps from where the sealing compound dripped. This needs to be fixed.
  • Shelving needs to be installed in the linen closet in the powder room downstairs.
  • The microwave ductwork needs to be completed.
  • A longer cord needs to be spliced onto the water pump in the garage. It will work much better once it's possible to plug it in...
  • Setup and startup for the radiant heat still need to be completed. Gratings need to be placed over the openings to the manifolds.
  • Two of the doors upstairs get hung up on the carpet when opened or closed.
  • The hardware needs to be re-installed in the front door. It was removed when the door was sanded down and finished.
  • Various drawers in the kitchen need to be reinstalled and adjusted.
  • Some of the cabinetwork needs repair. Bits of it have holes, protruding nails, et cetera -- apparently this job was done worse than most.
  • The electrician still needs to set up that grounding wire. The wire itself is there but doesn't actually connect to anything.
  • There are a few small gaps at the edge of the tongue and groove ceiling where it meets the wall. These need to be filled in.
  • Overflow drains in the bathroom sinks need to be unclogged.

I may be missing a few, but that's most of it. There's also routine stuff like buffing the countertop, scrubbing all the sinks, sweeping the carpet, cleaning up and painting over the dirt smudges that got onto the walls... stuff like that.

All of the telecommunications outlets (phone, cable, network) are still blank faceplates and will apparently remain that way. I'll have Comcast do the cable outlets when they come in to set up cable service. The phone... hmm. Will Qwest handle those when they hook up our phone line? Will they charge an arm and a leg for it? I will almost certainly handle the network wiring myself: I know all too well how to put an RJ-45 connector onto a wire. Should I do the phone jacks as well?

So far I've found exactly one thing I would have done differently if I were starting over. I'd have moved the phone jack in the kitchen to a different location. This really isn't a big deal, just an "if I had known" thing... and if that's the biggest one I come up with I'd say we're doing fine.

Landscaping in the front is complete. The tile backsplash has been finished. Our microwave, cooktop, ovens, and dishwasher have been installed and look just fine. willowisp commented that the dishwasher is "smaller than she was expecting but she'll live". There is a metal grill about halfway up in the microwave that's clearly supposed to be there. We can take it out, of course, but I find it interesting that microwaves have changed so much that there are designs where you really can put metal in them, albeit in carefully controlled ways. I wonder if it's something to do with the standing wave pattern and exactly where the grill goes...

When we visited yesterday the front door had just had its clearcoat put on... probably in the previous 90 minutes. It had that wet sheen to it that says "if you dare touch me I will show off your fingerprints for all time". It looks really good.

The biggest remaining obstacle is, as usual, the scheduling. The radiant heat folks are... less than enthusiastic about coming out to finish the job. They told Pam they won't be there until Wednesday at the very earliest. She was not amused. Most of the rest of the stuff can happen relatively quickly once the appropriate contractors arrive on site. Like so much else, this is Not My Problem.

The next step is our final walkthrough and orientation on Wednesday afternoon. This is where they show us all the different things to take care of and how to do so. I'm pleased that they're doing this: I could just sit down one afternoon and read all the manuals but I would forever worry that I'd overlooked something important. After that, we go to closing on Friday afternoon.

No new pictures right now -- we didn't want to get in the way of the guys working any more than we already were. I'll go back tomorrow morning (Sunday) and fill up another flash card.

8940 minutes (149 hours) until closing.

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