Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

House update: More pictures

The microwave, cooktop, ovens, and dishwasher went in last Thursday. The refrigerator and washer/dryer aren't there yet: we're buying those separately. It seemed silly to finance them on a 30-year mortgage when they will certainly be replaced long before then. We would have done this with all the appliances except for the issues of construction (the venting for the microwave and ovens) and gas hookup (the stores we talked to won't do it). Yeah, yeah, there are probably ways around both of those, but there are only so many things we have time to deal with.

There has been some visible progress since our walkthrough. The guys with the paintbrushes have gone over the trim and most of the chips on the walls. Landscaping in front is all-the-way finished. The finish on the front door has dried and the lock hardware is back. The handrail for the stairs has been painted. There are little decorative bits of rope around the vigas. Meanwhile, there are two new bits of work to do: the lock hardware for the front door is on crooked and the handrail was not supposed to be painted, it was supposed to be stained and finished. There are a few more pictures in the latest folder.

Our orientation is tomorrow afternoon. Immediately afterward, we're meeting with the guy who's going to be making our blinds to pick out woods, finishes, and sizes. With luck, Pam will have everything finished by then, although I'm not going to hold my breath.

4792 minutes until closing.

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