Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

House update: looking good

This afternoon was supposed to be our walkthrough. That's been pushed back to noon tomorrow. However, willowisp and I still had an appointment to pick out our blinds and set up the contract. When we got there 10 minutes early, the guy was already going through the house with his tape measure. I was pleased to see how on the ball he was. We finally settled on wood slats for the south-facing (front of the house) windows and honeycomb for most of the rest of the windows. The color on the honeycomb is a little bit brighter than I would have chosen on my own, but I defer here to willowisp. For all her protestations that she's no good at matching colors, she's done an outstanding job on the house so far.

Meanwhile, Pam (build manager) and Rick (her boss) were there inspecting things, marking things to fix, and making touch-ups where necessary. There really isn't much left to do. The tile has been put on the roof over the front porch. The gates are in place. The radiant heat and the cooler have both been started up. The lock plate on the front door has been straightened. The gouges in the concrete were being patched when we got there. The countertops have been buffed. To the best of my knowledge, the biggest remaining issue is that they forgot the rain gutter on the front porch, and hopefully there will be no problem getting that set up by Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Rick emphasized that he wanted to hear from us if there was anything at all wrong. He said he'd gotten a compliment from one of our neighbors -- "Now that I see their house, if I had known that color stucco would be so pretty I would have gone with it in a minute." I have to agree. I like how it's turned out. I told him that overall we've been very happy with the way the house has come together: my one complaint is with Prewire. He had his pen out and wrote the following words at the top of his inspection form:

Prewire - big pain in the butt

Apparently we aren't the only people who have griped about them. He's asked me to write down my complaints and give Pam a copy tomorrow at our walkthrough.

The phone jacks now have proper faceplates on them. The cable and network jacks don't. At this point, that's just fine: Comcast will handle the cable jacks and I can do the networking myself.

Next stop: homeowner's orientation tomorrow at noon. Sometime tomorrow or Friday morning I need to go get a cashier's check for an unreal amount of money. Closing, which was supposed to be Friday at 3, has been pushed back an hour. Apparently someone forgot to write us into the schedule... oops. So long as it actually happens on Friday and doesn't conflict with my department review in the morning I'll be happy.

No new pictures at the moment. By the time we got done with the blinds we were both uncomfortable enough (it's hot in there) that we went home. I'll use up a flash card tomorrow after the walkthrough.

2660 minutes until closing.

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