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Kitty update

Gail is recovering. She's been taking amoxicillin plus an anti-inflammatory plus some vitamin E twice a day since last Tuesday. We've been giving her both dry and wet food, looking for things she particularly likes... basically, anything with liver in it is a pretty good bet.

She's a lot better than she was. Today she spent most of the day napping under beds, but in the last few days she's been out and about. She's lost a lot of weight -- she feels awfully bony and her collar is very loose -- but she seems content enough. She purrs when paid attention to unless I'm giving her the medicine. In the last two or three days, she's gone back to eating her dry food again, and instead of sniffing half-heartedly at the wet food and maybe licking it a bit, she... well, right now she's chowing down on a dish of turkey and chicken with liver sauce. She's paying more attention to her fur, too, probably with her sister's help.

I've noticed that she doesn't have a lot of energy. She'll tend to prance around in 5- to 15-foot stretches, then sit down for a few minutes. Maybe this is just her lazy kitty nature taking over. Maybe she's still weak from not eating much. I really can't tell.

I'm not sure she's totally out of the woods just yet, but she's a lot better than she was five days ago. The antibiotic will probably run out on Tuesday morning at present rate. She has another vet appointment Tuesday afternoon for another round of bloodwork to make sure her liver is better.

I will also mention one of her endearingly silly habits: whenever she's done eating (or even just pausing for a breath), she feels compelled to bury her food. She's less obsessive about it now than she used to be, but still... it's endlessly amusing to watch her diligently pawing at the tile floor trying to scratch some dirt over the dish. Sometimes she really gets into it. Other times she looks sort of distracted, as if to say "What was I doing again?".

I'm still concerned about her. I don't think I'll be totally at ease until the vet has given her a clean bill of health and she's gained back some of the weight she's lost. I would happily make her fresh-cooked chicken two or three times a day if I knew she would eat lots of it.

Thanks for the good wishes, folks. It looks like she's mending. I hope it continues.

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