Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Indiana weather in North Carolina

About a week ago we were digging our way out from the latest ice storm -- our share of the big East Coast weather system. Then we left for New York where it was alternately cold and dreary, cold and windy, and cold and sunny. Then I come back home on a rainy Friday, and on Saturday... we get a tornado! It was raining all morning, then around midafternoon the skies got very low and very dark, the wind picked up in an awful hurry, and the radio started going on about how there was a tornado on the ground about 15 miles from here, headed our way at roughly 50mph. Luckily it didn't actually hit us, and even more luckily, noone was seriously injured. That was as close as I care to come to severe weather for a while.

Cat gets home from New York tonight. With any luck her flights will run on time.

Oh, in other news, NVIDIA turned me down for a job... again. I wish them luck in finding this elusive Mr. Perfect who they would actually hire. I'm not convinced that he actually exists.

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