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Recent events in my life

I haven't posted one of these in a while, so: here is what's been going on in my life since about August.

5:00: Get up, take shower. Smooch sleepy wife goodbye.
6:10: Arrive at office. Open up editor, compiler, and research notebook.
3:45: Save and commit source code. Go home.
4:15: Smooch wife goodbye and ask her to tell kitties hello for me.
4:20: Exercise for 30-45 minutes, often a little too hard.
5:00: Sit down on couch. Remove laptop from backpack. Open up editor, compiler, and research notebook.
7:30: Smooch wife hello as she arrives home from kitty city.
8:00: Close editor, compiler, and research notebook after making "you are here" notes for the next morning. Eat dinner, do housework, pay bills, sometimes even relax for 45 minutes.
9:30: Go to bed. Cycle repeats.

Saturday: Work from home for half a day. Do housework and unwind (whatever that means) for the rest of the day.
Sunday: Try (in vain) to catch up on all the email, chores, letters, and phone messages that have built up in the past few days. I'm lucky if I can read them all, especially now that I get large amounts of spam about PREMIUM REPLICA WATCHES.

My combined vacation + flex time balance at work is now 263 hours. That is not likely to climb much between now and January, as I have no way to modify my timecards (we had to submit them early for end-of-year shutdown), and in any event I am not likely to work at all next week while I'm home.

Ever wonder why I sound so tired and why I don't write too often? This is why. Back in August I was given a two-person project with a five-month deadline. I was asked for regular progress reports and sent on my way. Assuming I can pull it off -- and right now, it looks like I'll manage it -- many very good things will happen at work. It takes an awful toll on me, though. Just ask willowisp, echoweaver, raira, lowapproach, erish, tyee...

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