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House update: minor problem with gravity

We have a warranty issue.

About ten minutes ago, willowisp was in the kitchen making dinner. Without warning, the fluorescent light fixture overhead parted ways with the ceiling. It executed a back 1 1/2 in layout position before shattering loudly on the floor in front of her, earning a 7.8 from the German judge but only a 3 from the French and 3.5 from the Russians. There are two ragged tears in the drywall of the ceiling where the fixture was (supposedly) anchored.

Noone hurt, thank goodness, although I think we both set new personal records for heart rate and it may be quite a while before the kitties will go anywhere near the kitchen. I will also not walk through there without shoes on until the floor has been swept, mopped, swept again... you get the idea.

I expect a call back from the warranty people early tomorrow. If we're very lucky, maybe we can get them to replace one or more of the full-spectrum tubes we put in there. We'll see. If necessary I will settle for a light fixture that does not fall down onto the floor, ever.

That was more excitement than I needed in my evening...

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