Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Home for the holidays

Here's the famous World War I flying ace sitting in a comfortable chair in his parents' house in Indianapolis. For once it was a pretty uneventful trip: our second leg was delayed for 45 minutes or so while they waited for a few late connecting flights to arrive. Compared to what usually happens when we travel for vacation this was pleasantly normal.

I categorically refuse to do any work for my day job while I'm here. I've been working a reasonably sane schedule lately -- except for the last couple weeks of deadline rush. That's a walk in the park compared to how things used to be. Still, after finally committing the code, uploading the binary and signing off at 1AM on Tuesday morning, I'm taking some time off.

I should get to see distant friends and family while I'm here. That'll be very very pleasant. I'm also going to be delivering a (rather belated) wedding gift that I'll post pictures of once it's where it belongs.

Tired. Zzzzz. More later when there's more to report.

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