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Move update

Yesterday morning the movers (a guy named Rey, his son Rey Junior, another guy named Sheldon and his son Shawn) arrived around 7:50 to get started boxing our life up. To make a very long story short, they worked their butts off. They packed up everything in the apartment except a couple of old shelves and a sagging entertainment center, and they had it all done by 5:30. This includes our many shelves of books. It's impressive enough on its own, but add to it the fact that we live on the third floor, so they had to carry all of this stuff down to the ground floor. I was very impressed.

Today I got up bright and early (actually it wasn't very bright yet, which tells you how early it was) to get the car over to Durham to have its CV joints replaced. I had an eye-doctor appointment in Chapel Hill at 4, and when I told the mechanics, they said "No problem, we'll be done around 2." That was the theory, at least. When they got everything taken apart they discovered that the brake pads were very badly worn... a couple hundred miles away from being metal on metal. They should have been screeching for some time now. Nary a sound. So that went on the list. So did the rotors -- the front ones could be machined down, but the back ones were too worn and had to be replaced. The time for the whole job kept growing longer and longer, eating into the 90-minute safety margin I had. At 2:20 the tech told me that it would take him 20 minutes to put everything back on now that he had the rotors and another 15 to do an alignment. Fine. Time's getting tight, but fine. Then, 65 minutes later, with the wheels still off the car, I find out that the parts department sent over the wrong rotors. Mutter.

Anyway. I finally got out with a whole slew of new parts (all of which will be good to have on the trip ahead) and significantly less money. I made it to the eye doctor a few minutes late and parted with another significant amount of money. Then I went home. It had been a very long day already.

Now, at this point things got better. About a year ago, Cat and I decided to go to the Carolina Inn for brunch when I turned in my thesis and then to Ruth's Chris for dinner when I got a good job. The former took place. The latter... well, ever since I got my offer letter last month we've been so busy preparing for the move that we haven't had time. We fixed that tonight. We had really amazing steak, and when they heard what we were celebrating they gave us dessert on the house. Mmmmm, key lime pie.

Then we came home and I finished that wonderful relaxing evening by disassembling a couple of dressers. What fun.

It is now 11PM. I'm exhausted. Tomorrow promises to be another very busy day but at least I don't have to be up with the dawn patrol. Ideally I would like to get our errands done before lunch so we have the afternoon and evening to go slow and rest. We'll see what happens.

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