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Axiom: I am way overdue for a vacation. A real vacation, not just "I think I'll sleep in this morning".

Wednesday and Thursday I went up to Santa Fe with willowisp. We spent most of our time at Ten Thousand Waves being systematically reduced to semi-mobile puddles. That place is amazing.

Dinner Wednesday at Rio Chama Steakhouse. We stayed overnight in the Sailor Moon room. Never mind the name: all of the rooms are named after some sort of moon or another. The only tie to its namesake is a couple of manga on a shelf. An hour in the waterfall tub on Thursday morning, then lunch at the French Pastry Shop. Not just a french pastry shop, but the French Pastry Shop. Fantastic soup.

It was not cheap but it was worth every penny. We're going back, hopefully on a regular basis. I wonder how busy they are between Christmas and New Year's?

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