Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Oh well, maybe next year

The one thing that's certain about Albuquerque weather is its uncertainty.

This week is the annual balloon fiesta. The weather this year has been fairly lousy -- a couple days got rained out more or less completely. This evening willowisp and I were hoping to go to the balloon glow but the wind didn't cooperate. Pity. I was really looking forward to that. My parents were visiting earlier in the week -- they were at the mercy of the weather, too.

Ah, well. The fiesta will be back next year.

Meanwhile, there's one final mass ascension tomorrow morning. Weather permitting (again) I'm going to it and I'm going to take lots of pictures.

In other news, today I took apart the front center panel of my car to wire in an iPod adapter. I think this is another 5 points toward my manliness merit badge.

I'll post a URL to whatever pictures I get tomorrow after I've had a chance to sort through them and upload them.

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