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Things I had forgotten about DDR

1. I don't care how simple the stepchart is. 400bpm is too fast for me to be able to sight-read and complete the song on the first try.

2. I don't yet have the stamina to complete a 10-footer.

3. Nine-footers take some practice.

4. Practice helps a lot.

5. Courses are a lot more intense than doing the songs separately.

6. Some of the people who write these stepcharts are professional sadists.

7. This game is a lot of addictive fun.

I'm working on DDR SuperNOVA right now. I've unlocked all the songs except the red ones and all the courses up through Boss Rush 1. I'm working my way through the courses to test neko_san's hypothesis that playing all the courses lets you buy Endless Mode. It's good exercise. There are also a few songs that are just plain fun. Matsuri (J-Summer mix) and Tino's White Horse are in that category.
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