Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Who writes these things?

This is about DDR and will probably be meaningless to almost all of you. Such is life.

So. DDR SuperNOVA, Courses mode, Big Bang. 6 songs.

iFUTURELIST (Standard, 6): No problem at all. I can AA this unless I'm dead tired.

MOON (Expert, 7): Again, no problem. I usually miss a step or two at most.

LOVE <3 SHINE (Expert, 7): The difficulty begins to pick up but it's still nothing to worry about. I don't really like 4- and 5-note streams. Either keep it to triplets or give me something long enough to get a rhythm going. The sudden stop-and-start will drain my stamina very quickly.

Ska Ska No. 3 (Expert, 8): I enjoy this one except for the string of eighth-note jumps toward the end. My body doesn't move quite that quickly but I'm close.

CENTAUR (Expert, 8): Okay, this is just cruel. This is a jazz song where the beat is taken as a mildly amusing suggestion rather than something steady under the rest of the melody. Worse, the steps follow all the off-beat percussion. It's EVIL. I can pass it about half the time when I play this course at the beginning of my workout. After an hour and change when my feet are starting to disobey... yeah, right, who am I kidding?

Flow (Jammin' Ragga Mix) (Expert, 8): This is not an 8-foot song. This should be a 9. Maybe not a very diffricult 9, but a 9 nonetheless. I can do this well enough when it's in game mode and I can rest before, but in courses mode where I've just done 5 other songs without a chance to breathe? Uh... right. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow, but definitely not yet.

How do they come up with the difficulty for these stepcharts, anyway? Just in this mix we've got Matsuri J-Summer mix as a 9, which I find very easy, and then the two Flow remixes, which are 8s but should be 9s.

My ultimate goal is to build up to the point where I can take on 10-footers. This is going to take some doing. Right now I can do most 9-footers after a few rounds of practice and maybe a trip or two through Training Mode to get a feel for the rhythm. The boss songs, though... I don't quite have the stamina for that.

Give me time. I'll get there.
Tags: ddr

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