Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

O, for the handclap in Options!

On many of the faster songs in DDR, it's the off-beat steps that'll really get you, especially in pairs. Triplets are easy to spot. The solution to this, for me, is to play through a song a couple times in Training mode. There you have a wonderful option called Handclap which adds a handclap sound at every step. It's perfect for getting a feel for the rhythm in irregular sections. Then, once I have a sense for how it matches the music, I can usually complete the song.

Now, if only I had that in regular game mode, I could get a lot more 9-footers on the first try...

Meanwhile I'm still continuing my assault on the courses I ranted about last time. Two of them are a matter of learning the 9-foot songs that cap them off. Most of the rest are about sheer stamina. Both are something I can work up to but it doesn't happen instantly.

I will beat these courses yet. I will lose the weight I don't want to be carrying around.
Tags: ddr

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