Callicrates (callicrates) wrote,

Notes on the weather

The question I think I've gotten most frequently since Cat and I arrived is how I like the weather. In so many words, I like it just fine. We appear to have arrived in the hottest part of the hottest summer Albuquerque has had in some time. It's broken 100 (38 for those of you reading from afar) three or four times this week -- it was 103 at 3PM this afternoon -- but the humidity is quite low. As a result, when I'm out of the sunlight it feels warm but not oppressive. It's somewhat less pleasant out in the sun -- it's the kind of thing one does as little as possible -- but it's much more comfortable than North Carolina was at 95 degrees and 80 percent humidity.

Our apartment has been cool and comfortable the whole time. The bedrooms upstairs can get pretty stuffy in midafternoon, but in the mornings and late evenings they're great. Our living room stays between about 73 and 80 all the time. Of course, it helps that we don't get much direct sunlight in through our patio doors. That's mostly due to a big sycamore tree just outside that shades both our patio and our bedroom. I've taken pictures of the view from our porch as well as our patio (the one under the tree).

The air conditioning has taken some getting used to. When I was growing up, leaving a window open with the air conditioning on was considered a cardinal sin. We have an evaporative unit here, and the first thing on the list of instructions is as follows:

Go to each room you want to cool. Open a window about 6 inches. Leave it open.

Needless to say, this struck me as a little weird at first. Fortunately, it does work as advertised. Even better, we can leave our patio door open (with the screen closed) when we're home, even during the middle of the afternoon, and it's quite comfortable inside. I could get used to this.

I'm told that we've arrived at the beginning of the summer monsoon season. So far, we've had one fifteen-minute period of rain (about an hour ago) that wasn't even a summer shower by Carolina standards. Apparently, from time to time in the evenings we'll get a brief, torrential downpour (an inch or so is common), then the skies will clear up and it'll be over. I haven't yet seen it, but I'm willing to believe it's quite an event when it does happen. The parts of the city we've seen so far have been crisscrossed with an elaborate network of arroyos. They look like a pretty serious flood-control system.

It's a pretty evening. There are fairly low clouds blocking out most of the sky. There's a light breeze and the air smells like the rain that came through earlier. I could get used to this.

Further updates as events warrant.

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