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A long-overdue holiday

Yes, I still exist! I just haven't pasted in ages and ages. Such is life.

Today has been a nice, quiet Independence Day. We invited echoweaver and cryptosporidosi over for the Standard Holiday Feast. Hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, some salmon that turned out very, very well thanks to echoweaver's timing, red white and green salad, bread, made-from-scratch angel food cake... good food and good company and a Mythbusters marathon on TV. It's been a good day. Now that there are fireworks going off outside the cats are a bit on edge but they'll get over it.

I'm also trying something nearly unprecedented. I'm taking a week and a half off from work for no particular reason other than that I want a vacation. willowisp and I are going to go spend a couple days at Ten Thousand Waves next week. I should be a complete puddle by the time we come home.

Things are pretty quiet right now on our end of the world. That's just fine with me. The beginning of this year was too eventful by half.

Time to go. The angel food cake is calling my name.
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