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Consistent in the average

Here's the background: when I travel for business I almost never have problems. Maybe a flight will be delayed 15 minutes but that's usually about the worst of it. Whenever willowisp and I fly to visit family... things go wrong.

Last month we went to visit my family. That went completely without incident. I thought that perhaps our luck had changed.

This morning we're going to visit her family and I find out that no, it's still there, it's just making up for lost time.

Our original routing was Albuquerque to Minneapolis to Detroit to Syracuse. Apparently, at some point the flight from Detroit to Syracuse got cancelled and the automated rebooking code kicked in. Fine so far. This happens all the time.

We got to the airport this morning and were very confused when the ticket agent asked us for our passports. See, the rebooking code didn't just change our routing. It decided that we wanted to go to Vancouver, BC instead of Syracuse, NY.


It took quite a bit of wrangling on the phone to figure out that that's what happened and to get ourselves rebooked. As I write this the current plan is Minneapolis to Cleveland, transfer to Continental, pray that our bags do likewise, and then Cleveland to Syracuse.

But wait! There's more!

After the mad rush to get through security and down to the gate, meanwhile hearing ourselves paged to "report to gate A12 for immediate boarding", and after we jammed ourselves onto the plane, we hear that Minneapolis is having weather delays and we'll be half an hour late taking off. That's no big deal. Then, fifteen minutes later, we hear that our push-back time has been delayed at least an hour and 45 minutes because Minneapolis has just shut down all incoming traffic.

I have no idea where I'll wind up tonight. I think the chances of making it to our destination before midnight are about 1 in 3. It's kind of funny, really. I'm in this sort of sleep-deprived haze where I just nod at each new announcement of calamity and say "That's nice. I'll just sit here until you tell me it's time to go."

How did I get such consistently bizarre luck with travel?
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