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The saga continues

Very short version: I'm in Syracuse. My luggage isn't.

When last I posted we were supposed to go ABQ to Minneapolis to Cleveland to Syracuse with a change of airlines for the last hop. That lasted as long as the flight to Minneapolis. The hop to Cleveland left roughly five minutes after we got to the gate. There was exactly zero chance of getting there, especially considering that it was a fair chunk of a mile away.


We got rebooked on Delta. Minneapolis to Cincinnati to Syracuse. Getting to CVG was easy enough, but as soon as we landed we found out that our last hop was oversold. I had no idea where our bags were. It had been a long day already. Screw it, I said, put us on the volunteer list. That way we'd get a comfortable place to sleep for the night, a chance to eat a decent meal at a decent hour, and we would stand a good chance of having our bags by the time we got to our final destination.

Naturally, they found space for us on the plane anyway. Today is just not my day.

I'm in Syracuse at willowisp's sister's house. It's 23:15. I have no idea which airline currently has my bags or what time tomorrow they might or might not show up. For all I know they headed for Vancouver. We had tentative plans tomorrow to go look at leaves but those are now shaky at best.

This is getting old.
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